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Royce Wong
Royce Wong
Joined March 28, 2024

Team and Project management software is evolving rapidly, and AI agents are meant to become a game-changer. The biggest question for me is what it means for humans. Will AI take over our jobs, or will it make us better at them?

So let us imagine we are in a world with sophisticated AI project management agents, how can human managers leverage these tools to enhance their skills and achieve even greater success?

  • Do you see AI agents as a threat or an opportunity for project and team managers?

  • What tasks do you think AI is best suited to handle in project management software?

  • What skills will be most valuable for human project managers in the age of AI?

Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Inorbit Launchpad, a space dedicated to helping global teams achieve breakthrough results through exceptional team and project management.

Team projects on

Whether you're a seasoned project or team manager, Inorbit can help you:

  • Power Up Your Work: Inorbit ditches the confusing mess of separate project and team tools. Get everything you need - plan projects, track progress, and manage teams - all on one platform.

  • Project Management Made Easy: No more project headaches! gives you a super simple view of everything. See actions, deadlines, and how your team's doing at a glance. No more scrambling, just clear focus on getting things done.

  • Team Management Reimagined: Inorbit goes beyond project management! We help you build a thriving team environment. Our platform gathers feedback through retrospectives, and check-ins, gauging your team's health in key areas. Imagine a dashboard that shows you how your team is doing on communication, alignment, and overall well-being. Inorbit empowers you to see what's working and address any issues, creating a happier, more productive team!

But the Inorbit Community isn't just about our software! We're building a vibrant hub for:

  • Sharing best practices & tips: Learn from experienced team leaders and project management gurus.

  • Engaging in insightful discussions: Bounce ideas off your peers and tackle common team challenges together.

  • Staying ahead of the curve: Get the latest industry insights and trends delivered straight to your inbox.

And the best part? Joining the Inorbit Community is completely FREE!

Let's build something amazing together!

What are your biggest team management challenges right now?

Let's hear them in the comments!